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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Ideas to enhance the decor in your bedroom. Very often, when you want to change the atmosphere at home, you start decorating the space with original accessories. But, when you want to not only transform your interior but also sublimate the decor with a personal touch, you turn to creative projects. One such fun and productive activity that’s super trendy in recent years is macrame art.

An original form of weaving made through different knots can vary from a small jewel to a large wall decoration or even curtains for the windows. Having already discussed the essential techniques for making a macrame pendant light in another article, today, we are here to inspire you and show you how to enhance your bedroom with a macrame headboard.

Make an original headboard with macrame rope in just a few minutes

To start our adventure in making a trendy and very original wall hanging, we offer you a pretty macrame model made using a few cords of different colors and a wooden stick. This type of macrame is ideal if you like bohemian style decorating but are not too skillful in your hands. Now, let’s see how to proceed to create this wall suspension to sublimate the space above your bed or any other corner in your interior and lotus drawing.

Materials needed:

  • Wooden stick
  • Macrame cords of various colors
  • Scissors


This first model is distinguished by a clean and super easy design whose realization does not require knowing how to make all the basic knots in macrame art. Indeed, for this type of macrame, you will only need one knot: the lark’s head knot. But before you explain how to use this knot to tie your strings to the stick, you must first prepare the strings.

1. Start by determining the dimensions of your pendant light. Then cut out a large number of ropes of the same size (take into account that you will be folding each rope in half to tie it to the stick, so for a 2m suspension, for example, you will need 4m ropes. length).

2. Once the math is done, take a 1-2 meter cord, then tie each end of the cord to both sides of the wooden stick.

3. Now, hang the pendant light on a wall.

4. Then, all that remains is to hang the rest of the cords using the lark’s head knot.

5. Finally, you can hang it as it is or cut the strings diagonally to create a V-shape.

How to tie a lark’s head knot? 

Take your thread and fold it in half, creating a loop. Then pass the loop under the stick and pull the cords through the loop. To have a clearer idea of the realization, you can use the following video:

How to make an easy macrame headboard

Ideas to enhance the decor in your bedroom

In this second tutorial, we present you with a slightly more complex macrame pattern. We always start by tying knots in the lark’s head to attach the ropes to the poles to create this suspension. Then, we create 6 spirals using the flat knot (13 flat knots per spiral). Finally, create a V shape by first making 6 flat knots and reducing the number of knots with each next row until you end up making a single knot in the center of the suspension. Then, we do the opposite: we increase the number of knots with each next row until a row of 6 flat knots is made, and we thus close the cycle.

Materials needed:

  • Cotton cord for macrame – 61 meters
  • Wooden stick – length: 60 cm
  • Pair of scissors

How to tie a reef knot?

To tie this knot, we will need 4 threads. Take the first thread from the left and fold it to make a loop, then pass the thread over the two middle threads and under the right thread. Next, please take the right thread and pass it under the left thread and the two central threads, thus forming a second loop. Finally, pull the left thread and the right thread to form the loops and thus create an overhand knot.


1. Start by making the support on which you will hang your ropes. To do this, cut a piece of macrame cord of about 1 meter. Then tie each end of the cord to both sides of the wooden stick. Later, we will use this support to hang this beautiful masterpiece.

2. Now it’s time to prepare the ropes. Cut 12 cords of length 4.5 m.

3. Tie the cords to the stick. To do this, fold each string in half, then fix them one by one on the stick using the larks head knots.

4. With the first four cords, tie an overhand knot. Next, tie 13 more flat knots to form a spiral.

5. Repeat the previous step with the rest of the cords. Finally, you need to get 6 spirals.

6. Measure about 2cm from your first spiral, then tie an overhand knot. Continue to tie flat knots throughout the row.

7. To create a “V” shape, we start to reduce the number of flat knots. Thus, you leave the first two cords aside (as well as the last two), then you start to make a new row this time of 5 flat knots.

8. For the third row, leave out the first four cords (and the last four). You need to tie 4 flat knots.

9. For the fourth row, you leave six ropes aside, you make 3 flat knots.

10. In the fifth row, you leave out eight cords and eight at the end. Thus, you make 2 flat knots.

11. Finally, leave aside 10 cords at the beginning and tie a single overhand knot.

12. Now, we need to increase the number of square knots to create an upside-down “V” shape.

13. For the first row, you omit the first eight and the last eight cords and tie two overhand knots.

14. For the second row, you omit the first six and the last six cords and make three flat knots.

15. In the third row, you omit the first four and the last four cords. Here you make four flat knots.

16. In the next row, you omit the first two and the last two cords, and you tie five overhand knots.

17. Finally, you use all the cords to make six flat knots.

18. Final touch: line up the strings using scissors, cutting off the excess (if necessary).

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