Best Wireless Speaker Review | Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation

Best Wireless Speaker
Best Wireless Speaker

You may find lots of wireless speakers in the market but today we are going to talk about one of the best wireless speakers available in the market. Let’s have a deep dive.

Our Verdict

The Mu-so Qb retains a naturally likable discussion yet has grown over the three years since its first Generation and surely it already took place in one of the best wireless speaker’s lists.


  • Open, meaningful, and also comprehensive.
  • Loads of streaming options
  • Multi-room all set


  • Nothing at this rate

The first draft of this review was superb. Like every write-up we release, it still had to go to the sub-editors: their task being to dabble and tidy up, preserving the writer’s personality while making it more transparent and a lot more amazing to check out in the best wireless speaker list.

And also, if these words still appear in this testimonial, after that, we can be sure they’re confident that this is what they’ve done.

We understand full well the value of revisions. But still, it was legally a surprise when first we heard those made by Naim with its 2nd Generation of the Mu-so Qb one of the best wireless speakers. The previous version was beautiful, earning five stars when we first evaluated it, but this version is remarkable.


Outwardly it resembles the previous model– Naim has hardly altered the Qb’s form, nevertheless– so it has been a beautifying rather than wholesale adjustment. There is a triad of brand-new color alternatives: if the supplied black is as well small for your tastes, you can now pick an Olive, Terracotta, or Peacock grille which makes it the best wireless speaker.

It still has that lovely rotary volume dial with touch-screen controls in the center– though this brightened version is likewise now in its second generation– and there are physical links for USB, optical S/PDIF, aux-in, and also wired web. The latter we’d suggest for a secure connection, though there is on-board wi-fi.

It’s what takes place inside that leads to this best wireless speaker coming to be so outstanding. Remove the grille, and you’ll locate a three-way stereo speaker mix with updated and optimized midrange and bass drive devices—all powered by an overall of 300W of boosting.

The solitary bass vehicle driver fires directly forwards. Simultaneously, its set of tweeters and midrange chauffeurs are tilted outwards for broader dispersion and a much more roomy soundstage in general.


Inside is Naim’s brand-new streaming platform, which the company’s designers have created over three years. This best wireless speaker gets also discovered in the second-generation Mu-so and Uniti items, right as much as the ₤ 20,000 front runners ND 555. Handling power is boosted tenfold from the initial Mu-so Qb for better rates and music precision.

You will not lack streaming choices, either, thanks to the extensive range of functions included below. There is now Chromecast Built-in & Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth for streaming from a device and Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, net radio, and Tidal, latter with a 90-day cost-free test.

You’ll additionally be able to access documents up to 32-bit/384kHz anywhere on your home network using the upgraded Naim application. That is also your ticket to constructing a high-end multi-room system with room for 5 Naim streaming items to be managed by one tool. Intend to include the brand-new Mu-so Qb to an existing Apple or Google multi-room environment? No problem. Naim has seen to that too and that makes it best wireless speaker.

The Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen features its own remote, so you can regulate it without always being glued to your smartphone or tablet computer when set up. Still, it’s worth utilizing the application to choose your noise account whenever you move the speaker: Naim has progressed three pre-set EQs for whether the Mu-so Qb is near a wall, in the edge, or out in the middle of the area.


We evaluated this new Naim offering in a little bit of space, on an Atacama hi-fi shelf. Before it was effectively run-in, we might tell a wireless speaker prepared to test the current course leaders.


There’s worth providing the Mu-so Qb a day or two to run in before giving full reasoning. Its treble reaction is open and lively, but there is a little illumination that takes a few hours to make and polish shimmer properly.

Yet shimmer it does, matching the richness of tone promptly apparent throughout the rest of the register. The general presentation is lean, however, muscle. There’s lots of bass weight and low-end punch expressly provided, but this best wireless speaker like Mu-so Qb never skews its equilibrium by doing this or that.

There are lots of ways in which this best wireless speaker conceals its box-like measurements. Whereas once whatever felt a little encased, the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation operates with a concept of openness. There’s an airiness to the soundstage, those tilted motorists doing well to spread sound while preserving the songs’ core focus.

It isn’t as if the detail was mainly hiding in the First Generation of the Qb from three years ago. However, this is much more informative to pay attention to. Instruments are arranged tidily and also frequently with sparser pieces. It is as if you reached into the air & grab the notes as they get produced.

The second Generation additionally boosts considerably on its predecessor’s timing as well as dynamic variety. It does not just maintain but often tends to grow while providing stylish rhythmic patterns. This best wireless speaker gives a spritely performance secured yet not restrained by its unprecedented scale in the radio frequencies.

This best wireless speaker can birth its teeth when necessary, snarling as it assaults grimy and altered guitar lines. However also has a gentler, a lot more caring side when the noise vanquishes to a whisper. That may not replace a separates hi-fi system, but it is well furnished to bring that sort of hi-fi sensibility and evaluation to one box wireless listening.

That said, if this is your one source of music in your home, we can think about a few mixes of divides able to both better the noise and also suit or undercut the price. It has its natural constraints regarding upgrades and even stereo imaging, obviously, but the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation is not merely another expensive best wireless speaker.



Its small measurements might recommend differently. You are getting a great deal for your cash here. Most importantly, however, the most significant value is not located in its attributes or layout but in a sonic efficiency that will quickly dispense of any one-box opponent within a few hundred extra pounds of its asking rate.

Naim, the best wireless speaker, has confirmed that a second draft can be splendidly transformative in stereos, just like posting.

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