Top 8 Car Maintenance Tips By Auto Experts

Car Maintenance Tips
Car Maintenance Tips

Welcome to the top Car Maintenance Tips. A majority of car owners, especially new ones, are always unaware of what they must do to prolong their car’s service life.

This article lists 8 car maintenance tips from the auto experts for in-house car maintenance.

Basic Car Maintenance Tips to Prolong Car Service Life

Here are some basic car maintenance tips to keep good care of your beloved car at home:

  • Maintain Oil Change Intervals

Changing engine oil regularly is essential.

This is because used up engine oil not only affects the engine and its performance but causes irreparable damage to the engine parts.

You must keep a monthly check on the engine oil level and top it up as per your manufacturer’s recommendations.

However, as a general rule of thumb, you can change your engine oil every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers.

  • Take Regular Care of Tyres

Regular tire and wheel maintenance at home begins by keeping a check on the tire pressure as underinflated tires can increase uneven wear.

A portable car foot pump or tire inflator is a great addition to your car’s boot for regular tire pressure maintenance at home.

Next, you must rotate the wheels every 8,000 to 15,000 kilometers. Also, keep a regular check on the tire alignment as well.

A tire shine product can be used to hide scratches and minor cracks on the tyre rubber and provide a long-lasting, deep black shine to it.

The tire shine also adds a protective layer that prevents future damages to some extent.

  • Maintain All Fluid Levels

A car runs on a variety of different fluids like brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, etc.

You must keep a regular check to always maintain these fluid levels and ensure that the car is running in its best condition.

  • Replace the Oil Filter

The oil filter functions to trap unwanted particles like dust, dirt, bugs, pollen, water, etc. from entering the engine body via the engine oil.

An oil filter can become clogged over time and thus restrict the amount of engine oil flowing into the engine body.

You want to make sure that you replace the oil filter with every oil change or as recommended by your manufacturer.

  • Keep the Car Battery Clean

The car’s battery is another essential component of the car without which the car will not even start.

You can maintain the car by cleaning its battery regularly or as per your manufacturer’s instructions.

Some portable car battery charger models come with a special feature that automatically removes the sulfate deposits on the engine’s surface.

  • Change Cabin Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter will restrict airflow inside the car’s cabin.

Thus, it will not be able to serve its purpose by not filtering enough air to keep the cabin clean.

Also, since one role of a cabin air filter is to keep its surroundings cool, the lack of proper cooling will reflect a clogged air filter.

  • Be Mindful While Driving

As a car owner, you should always try to avoid situations that can harm your car in any way.

Avoid bumpy roads, rash driving, brushing very close to other vehicles, etc.

  • Wash Your Car Regularly

Minute dirt and dust particles when sitting on your car, add many minor scratches and swirls that over time makes the car’s paintwork look dull and faded.

Hence, it’s essential to wash your car regularly with appropriate car care products like premium interior care and exterior care “car wash shampoo, car wax, cleaning accessories, and microfiber towels”.


So, here were the top 8 car maintenance tips to keep your car maintained and running for a very, very long time.

All these car maintenance tips are simple habits that you must inculcate in your daily lifestyle to ensure that your car is in its best working condition.

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Hope you enjoyed reading through to the end. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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