Facts About Custom Popcorn Boxes

Custom Popcorn Boxes

As I grabbed my favorite flavors in the custom popcorn boxes at the departmental store, I wondered how many Americans knew they celebrated nineteenth January as the national popcorn day in America. Americans consume the most popcorns. But popcorns are not a novel product in the world. Almost every primitive civilization of the world was aware of this corn. They enjoyed popcorns as snacks but did not know how to package them using custom popcorn boxes.

According to research, buttered and salted flavor in popcorns is the favorite of the world. However, we encourage our readers to try different local flavors whenever they get a chance during traveling. This article lists some of the favorite flavors in the various regions of the world. One can buy them in microwavable custom popcorn printed boxes. Bring these custom popcorns printed boxes for friends and family back home as souvenirs.

In Brazil, people enjoy Pipoca. This dish is an amalgamation of caramel and cashews with popcorns. It is a popular snack readily available everywhere in Brazil. But if you want to buy the favorite Brazilian flavor in popcorns, select custom popcorn boxes that read dulce de leche popcorn.

Another variation comes with crispy bacon. If you are traveling to Japan, you will get to try many quirky things. Sage-flavored chocolates are pretty common in Japan. They are now getting popular in other cultures as well. But if you are looking for Japan’s favorite popcorn flavor, buy boxes that read;

  1. Corn potage 
  2. Curry
  3. Honey 
  4. maple bacon popcorn
  5. Matcha 
  6. Milt tea
  7. Soy sauce 
  8. Truffle fromage porcini 
  9. White cholate, etc.

More about Custom Popcorn Packaging Boxes

If you observe the custom popcorn boxes, you will note that the spicy flavors in popcorns come in red or warm-tones packaging boxes. Those popcorns, which are infused with herbs or tanginess, come in popcorn-printed boxes that are green or lime. The sweet popcorns come in yellow or mustard hues. The salt and black pepper popcorns come in popcorn boxes, which have blue boxes.

When traveling to Morocco, know that you are around the world’s oldest spice Bazar. People here love their spices, which is clear from their food. Here, you can find popcorns in flavors like; ginger, sweet and hot paprika, cayenne, turmeric, etc. In the USA. I combine local cocoa with popcorn.

Once popcorns are made using custom popcorn boxes, use the following tips to keep them fresh for longer. Remember that sunlight is an enemy to popcorns. Do not place them or their boxes near direct sunlight. Popcorn is corn that gets affected by humidity and heat in the air. They must keep the custom popcorn printed boxes out of sunlight’s reach and in cool and dark places.

When storing popcorns, always allow them to come to room temperature before putting them in a Tupperware. Ensure not to store freshly popped popcorns as they might contain steam and humidity, which will get trapped inside, causing the popcorn to become stale. Store the popcorns in air-tight containers. For a tighter seal, add a layer of plastic wrap to the container before putting it on the lid.

Ordering the right custom popcorn boxes

Several local and international popcorn brands are competing in the mainstream markets for market share. They are using custom popcorn boxes to establish their brand identities. If you are a popcorn brand, then it is time you head to ClipnBox and check out their exclusive custom boxes. We promise you won’t be disappointed at the skill and quality the company offers.

Explore affordable, attractive, and customizable custom popcorn boxes with ClipnBox today. Confirm orders to avail of great discounts and free shipping right away. Popcorn is the popular healthiest organic food for our kids and all mankind. If you eat popcorn safely and sincerely then popcorn boxes are for the best.