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How to Replace a Vacuum Belt | Best User Guide

Vacuum repairs can usually be done at home. You can know how to change a vacuum belt is a great way to save money. Since vacuum belts are made to stretch, wear, and eventually break, it is good for every vacuum owner to know the issues of vacuum belt replacement.

Replacing the vacuum belt is a very common repair. To make this simple repair Vacuum owners should not take their machines to any store.

The first step in replacing any part of this vacuum is to properly order the part needed for repair.

There are different types of vacuum belts available in the market but for more information on how to order the right belt for your vacuum, please read our article.

Access the Vacuum Belt :

Each specific vacuum style and model is different, so the steps to replace the belt may vary from one to the other. Despite these differences, all vacuum belt replacements tend to be almost the same procedure.

The instructions in this article have been generalized so that any vacuum or belt of any model can change or repair itself.

We use a common steep style vacuum for The hoover uh71250 belt Windtunnel Supreme to replace our belts.

Most vacuums can take less than five minutes to repair.

1. Access the vacuum belt and brush roll zone

  • Vacuum belts work to turn the wheels of the vacuum in some self-propelled models.
  • Whatever the method of vacuum, this repair will take up the brush roll area of ​​the machine.
  • For most vacuum cleaners, opening the brush roll area means removing the plate from the bottom of the cleaner.
  • In the case of the model, we have shown, removing the bottom plate involves simply removing four Phillips screws.

Pick up the Brush roller and the Old Belt:

Now see that the bottom plate is closed, the old or broken belt will come out easily.

Before removing the old belt and brush roll, make sure that,

How these are arranged in space. And how they are connected.

The belt at the top of our hoover windtunnel is a flat vacuum belt type. Which is held between the motor shaft and the brush cylinder with its elastic tension.

At first, pull the brushroll out of the vacuum and slide it out of the belt loop. Then, remove the other end of the vacuum belt from the motor shaft.

Input the New Vacuum Belt on the Motor Shaft 

Using a vacuum new belt will probably make the old belt you are replacing look much bigger.

First, slide the new vacuum belt around the vacuum motor shaft. One the shaft, thread the brush roll with the other end of the belt.

Input the Brush Roller With the Belt Correctly Positioned on It :

Before closing the vacuum housing should have the idea of ​​bringing the brushroll and belt back to their original position.

Using a round and flat belt requires a little muscle to pull the brush roll into position with that detached new belt.

In the void we show, there is a groove on the side of the brushroll opposite the belt that fits into the void to install the side of the brush. A good pull on the side of Belk’s belt will snap it right into place.

It is very easy to do if you fall to the ground with emptiness. A carefully placed foot can provide the right counterweight.

Reassemble the Vacuum :

The bottom plate of the vacuum or any other housing piece will be removed to access the brush roll area. This means that only these four Phillips screws and the bottom plate have been removed.

This repair is now complete. Your new vacuum modified belt can last from a few months to several years, depending on the type of vacuum belt.


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