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Makito Best String Trimmers
Makito Best String Trimmers

Makita Best String Trimmer with Connector Cable Utilizes Full Power of Backpack Battery

It would generally help if you had an adapter to power any of the pre-existing lines of Makita 36V devices with their knapsack power supply (this is still an alternative). The Makita CRU03Z Best String Trimmer with Connector Cable, the first in Makita’s Connector Series, is custom-made to make the most of the Backpack Power Supply. Rather than taking onboard power from Makita’s 18V batteries, it ties into the backpack using a Bespoke adapter cable television. That gets rid of the requirement for an adapter and also keeps extra weight off the tool.

Maybe you keep in mind the Makita PDC01 Backpack Power Supply that we covered a couple of months back. Making use of 4 of the Makita 18V batteries can provide extended runtime and better weight circulation for Makita 18V and 36V X2 battery-powered devices. That shows specifically handy in the OPE realm or anywhere swapping batteries might show turbulence to productivity.

10-Second Summary

  • Version: Makita CRU03Z
  • Adapter Cable attaches to Backpack Battery Supply
  • Outside battery shifts weight off the device
  • 36V brushless electric motor generates as much as 6,000 rpm
  • 17 ″ cutting swath
  • Steel driveshaft
  • 3 Power setups plus ATD mode
  • Automatic Torque Drive mode immediately shifts from 4,000-6,000 RPM for extended run time or included power
  • Reverse turning feature and this makes it one of the best string trimmer.
  • IPX4 weather condition resistance
  • 3-year warranty
  • Price: $389.99.

Makita on the Connector Series.

With the intro of the Connector Series, Makita continues to expand its professional OPE portfolio. The Connector Series supplies individuals a remedy with the ideal equilibrium of power and runtime. The cordless CRU03Z has the power matching to a 30cc gas-powered best string trimmer. When integrated with the PDC01 knapsack battery supply, users benefit from constant run time due to its interchangeable battery ability. The CRU03Z is the initial of the Makita connector-only items that will allow professional landscaping companies to remain to replace gas-powered devices.

String Trimming for the OPE Pro.

At this moment, it most likely goes without stating that the Makita CRU03Z String Trimmer with Connector Cable truly is tailored towards the Pro lawn professional. It discards the typical Makita 36V power link: a 2-battery port that can include weight and potentially throw off the device’s balance. For all-day, string trimming balance, weight, and job become essential factors when using a trimmer.

Furthermore, runtime plays a large role in strictly how functional a tool is in a specialist capacity—products like the Makita XRU18 36V X2 trimmer run of 2 18V batteries, which do ok. Anticipating two batteries to last for a full day’s work would undoubtedly be too big of an ask.

Instead, the Makita Best String Trimmer with Connector Cable solves the puzzle of all-day runtime. With the PDC01 Power Supply supplying the power, you get that prolonged runtime with an adequately weighted trimmer that keeps the weight distributed throughout your back.

The various other advantages that the Makita Connector Series gives: convertible batteries. Other backpack battery systems address the runtime, weight, as well as balance problems. Nevertheless, if you run out of power, the whole backpack has to go on the battery charger. That typically takes 6-8 hrs for a full recharge. Makita’s 18V batteries exchange out of the power supply quickly to keep you up and running. Because the 18V batteries butt in about an hour, you’re guaranteed practically no downtime.

Sufficient About Batteries.

So, what else does the Makita CRU03Z offer the table? It features a brushless electric motor that creates the power equivalent of a 30cc gas engine. Under no-load, this best string trimmer can take care of as much as 6,000 RPM with a 17 ″ reducing swath.

It offers three speed alternatives: low (4,000 RPM), Medium (4,600 RPM), as well as High (6,000 RPM). When you do not require all of the readily available power to set supplies, a variable control speed trigger lets you finesse the throttle.

The Makita Best String Trimmer with Connector Cable additionally includes the Automatic Torque Drive mode. If you choose the “collection it and forget it” technique to power settings, you can engage the trimmer, and this setting will immediately shift speeds to either expand runtime or add power.

A reverse feature allows you back up the trimmer head for a few secs to take a break from any type of tangled weeds or grass.

The Makita CRU03Z additionally features a steel drive shaft. That includes the device’s resilience while reducing vibration.

Because in some cases, you have to do the job no matter if the climate is complying or not, the Makita one of the Best String Trimmer with Connector Cable includes the brand name’s Extreme Protection Technology. That is a safety seal that networks water and dirt away from important interior parts. The completion result is a trimmer with an IPX4 weather-resistant ranking.


We’re currently offering the CRU03Z Makita String Trimmer with Connector Cable as a bare device for $389.99. It includes the bump and feed trimmer head and some 0.080 ″ trimmer line, in addition to a 3-year warranty.

To make it run, you’ll also require the PDC01 Backpack Battery, which you can have for $599.99.

Makita Brushless Best String Trimmer Specs.

  • Model: Makita CRU03.
  • Electric motor: Brushless
  • Voltage: 36V.
  • Reducing Swath: 17 in.
  • No-Load Speed: 0-4,000/ 0-4,600/ 0-6,000 RPM.
  • Length: 70-1/4 in.
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds.
  • Consists of: Tool, bump, and feed trimmer head, 0.080 ″ lines.
  • Guarantee: 3 years.
  • Price: $389.99.

Regarding Model.

Landscapers require much more cordless choices than gas-powered outdoor power tools. Makita fulfils demand with an expanding line-up of cordless OPE, including the 18V LXT ® Lithium-Ion Brushless Best String Trimmer (version XRU11Z, tool only, batteries, and also charger offered individually). With absolutely no exhausts, reduced sound, as well as considerably less upkeep, this cordless Best string trimmer is a welcome remedy for landscaping companies. It’s compatible with Makita’s fast-charging 18V LXT ® batteries. Also, it features an efficient Makita BL ™ brushless electric motor for longer run time, enhanced power and rate, and longer tool life.

The efficient brushless motor delivers up to 6,000 RPM for faster cutting. We equip the XRU11Z with Automatic Torque Drive Technology, which automatically shifts from 4,000-6,000 RPM depending upon the application’s thickness. There are 3-speed options (4,000/ 5,000/ 6,000 RPM), allowing individuals to match the application’s speed. Extra features consist of an entire 11-3/4″ cutting swath, and easy-loading bump-and-feed trimmer head, as well as a reverse rotation that enables users to swiftly get rid of the head of the knotted yard as well as weeds. The XRU11Z accepts industry-standard M8x1.25 LH spindles.

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