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Moz Acquired by iContact with Plans to Improve SEO Toolset

On 4th June 2021, Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz announced that Moz has been acquired by iContact marketing corporation. In this article, you will know the brief introduction of both companies, the motives of the deal done between both companies, and their plan to improve the SEO Toolset.


iContact was founded in 2003. It is an email marketing company that provides its services to small and medium eCommerce businesses worldwide. iContact is well known for serving at high levels too. Professional marketers and giant businesses have trusted icontact for years. Whenever they needed marketing services, iContact was there to fulfill the requirements.

They are best known for the solutions like email marketing, marketing services, and salesforce mass email. You can get involved with iContact as an agency partner, referral partner, developer portal, and integrations. The recent integrations are with Moz which is basically to improve SEO Toolset.

There is a huge list of awards that icontact has won through out its services. You can enlist 2018 Q3 GetApp Category leader award, Capterra Top Report award, 2018 Capterra reviews Madness Champion, G2 Crowd leader in marketing automation award, and the list goes on.


Moz was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004. It was called SEOmoz. Initially, it was a blog and online community where some of the world experts share their ideas about search engine optimization. The big industry of SEO has guidelines of Moz in their base. They kept their work going and in some years, they created their own SEO tools. Moz was always keen to improve SEO Toolset so they focused software field after the consultation services and by the end of 2009, they had 5000 thousand subscribers.

As Moz was best known for its search-related services, with the increasing demand for SEO, it reversed its decision and achieved a remarkable milestone and become an industry leader. That is the main reason that icontact acquires Moz and now together, they will produce a definite positive change to improve SEO Toolset. Let us discuss the motives and circumstances under which this integration took place.

Acquisition of Moz by iContact:

Moz was the leading search engine optimization solution, and it was helping marketers with a wide range of marketing tools to improve search visibility. Whereas icontact was well known for its marketing services. iContact wanted to grow its business and engage with more customers.

So, they collaborated with other brand partners to acquire Moz, so that they can change the industry. During the discussion, Sarah told people that 15 years ago, when they started to work on search engine optimization, they did not know how far they can achieve.

But then after continuous struggle, they got over 40 trillion links, 1.2 billion website tracks and over 500 hundred million keyword suggestions. Michael included that now as they both want to help as many people as they can, they are focused on two core marketing strategies which are very vital for organizations.

Michael said that regarding the stats of Moz, icontact is focusing on the translation of that data in every manner to provide marketers insight and make the approach of the people as easy as possible. To improve SEO Toolset, a pairing of SEO and email marketing is a great thing.

Plans to Improve SEO Toolset:

Told by a coursework help firm, both companies are focusing on small to midsize customers’ needs. The most demanded tool for customers along with email marketing is SEO. Markets and industries nowadays have very complex structures. These structures involve customers, colleagues, different partners, and software, that’s why it is very difficult to provide the desired data.

To be able to provide, those companies should have enough tools and with the combination of these two ideas, they will definitely provide something extraordinary. Here are the areas where they will focus to improve SEO Toolset;

Page Speed:

They will focus on increasing the speed of page insights. With this type of tool, people will be able to test the loading and time performances of that site. It will be applicable on both desktops and mobile as well. The score can have a range, and you will know accordingly how fast the speed of the page is.

Technical Audition:

Technical audition of the sites is an essential tool to improve SEO Toolset. Your audition will tell you about the problems you are facing in the search. Moreover, you can improve your internal linking networks using it. With an improved internal linking structure, you can provide easy access to relevant sites. This can save many searching efforts and time for the user. You can improve organic search keywords with this auditing tool.


This field is different from the audition. The audition will provide solutions to problems only. But if analytics can search all of your website stats and searches to give optimum suggestions. To improve SEO Toolset, both companies will be focusing on this field also. It is not purely an SEO tool, but it is the best tool for broadening the mind with different suggestions and comparisons.

Involve the Public:

A tool by which you can be able to involve people in your search would be very effective to improve SEO Toolset. For example, if you enter the keyword, the public can provide you more precise suggestions for that keyword that is being used there. You can share your ideas and contact people or help them using that tool.

Search and Follow The Trend:

Companies will provide a tool by which you would be able to search the trending topics of the market. By the passage of time, it keeps the record and you can easily compare the demands and supplies of products. Things can be differentiated if you can compare them properly. Trends can give information that a product is season-based or not, and whether it is location-based or not. Trend following can explore the taste of people of specific areas.

There are many other fields in which this integration of Moz and iContact will exceed. This is just the beginning. Together, they will improve SEO Toolset like never before.

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