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Security Analyst Job
Secutity Analyst Job

Throughout the world, many companies are experiencing cyber threats as a result of the pandemic. Furthermore, ransomware attacks that weaponize cloud resources end up making networks even more vulnerable, which is a nightmare. There is a golden opportunity for those who have the right skill sets because of this.

There will be a continued increase in the demand for security analysts through 2022. Do you want to get started in the field but have no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

For a successful cyber security program, you need to understand cyber security requirements:

As a prerequisite, a person should obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a field similar to it, have a comprehension of firewalls, as well as a working knowledge of languages and tools, such as C++, Java, Node, Python, Ruby, etc. To go along with all this, you should also possess outstanding problem-solving skills and be up-to-date on the latest cyber security trends.

Choosing a career in cybersecurity

A cybersecurity professional can pursue a variety of career paths including cybersecurity generalist, network security engineer, cloud security engineer, application security specialist, identity and access management engineer, security architect, penetration tester, malware/forensics analyst, incident response analyst, cryptographer, security trainer, cybersecurity engineer, etc.

These are but a few of the positions that require cybersecurity certification, and there are many more. Among the industries where a cybersecurity professional can build a career are the banking and government sectors, cybersecurity law, and utilities.

Skills of a Security Architect

It takes a certain set of skills to succeed in any field. Cyber security requires problem-solving skills, technical aptitude, knowledge of security across various platforms, fundamental computer forensic skills, etc., as well as a desire to learn.

Book recommendations for beginners on cybersecurity

Books are your best friends, and you should read some important books about cyber security as you pursue your career. It is recommended that you read “Cybersecurity for Dummies” to learn about cybersecurity basics, including different cybersecurity threats, ethical hacking, and many more. If you do not have a technical background and you need simplified cyber terms in plain text and non-technical language, then “Cybersecurity for Beginners” is for you. This book will show you how to hack, what types and methods of hacking there are. In conclusion, I should mention, “Practical Malware Analysis,” a guide to identifying, analyzing, and debugging malware of all kinds.


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Cybersecurity refers to the process of securing vital systems and sensitive data from digital threats. Security measures, also known as information technology security (IT security), are designed to prevent threats to networks and applications, whether they originate on a company’s internal or external network.

Cybersecurity offers intriguing career opportunities. The fast-paced nature of this field is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge and delights in solving problems. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into the lives of people, creating a need for cybersecurity experts. In recent years, the cybersecurity industry has expanded rapidly, so candidates have many choices. Following are some cybersecurity jobs that were recently posted.


  • Median annual salary: $103,590
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 33%

To protect private information from cyberattacks, information security analysts implement security systems. The analysts investigate security breaches to prevent them from happening again in the future. Simulated attacks are also done by information security analysts to find weaknesses. The goal of a cybersecurity specialist is to research security trends, develop standards for organizations, and recommend security upgrades.

The minimum educational requirement for entry-level information security analyst jobs is usually a bachelor’s degree, along with some IT experience. Analysts must also possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Security Architect Jobs at Field Engineer Global Platform

Roles and Responsibilities of Security Architect:

  • An IS expert’s first step into the big scary world of risk assessments would be to conduct IS assessments for technology delivery projects in India’s advanced technology centers. Assure that the project complies with Accenture’s standards and the client’s security requirements.

  • Ensure compliance with ISO27001 security standards among support roles such as workplace, HR, IT, finance, legal, and procurement (through assessments).

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